List of the Worst Type of Spills Your Carpet Can Have

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Anything that could be spilled on your carpet can possibly destroy it. But, other things could result in a worse stain compared to other stains. Below are the worst things that your carpet could be spilled on and what you could do about them:


Bleach is the best when it comes to eliminating stains. But, the moment it’s embedded in your carpet, then it could make a stain that’s challenging to remove. In fact, there’s nothing you could do once your carpet is spilled with bleach. It’s great for you to contact an expert cleaning service companies. Also, it is vital to store bleach in an area that has tiled flooring.


Though you want to be careful, accidents could still occur. Once you spill blood on your carpet, then tending to the wound must be the first thing that you have to do. Subsequently, you’ll have to clear-out the stain. Utilize water together with enzyme laundry detergent to tidy the spill.


You certainly won’t want the chocolate to be on your carpet since it could really be damaging. You must attempt to tidy the chocolate up immediately. Once the chocolate is melted, it’ll be much more difficult to remove it.

Red wine

There are a lot of reasons that red wine could be the source of several carpet damage. The wine won’t only stain your carpet, however, it’s acidic. Once you own a light carpet, then the red wine could result in even more carpet damage. You’ll have to spot the stain using a cloth and dispense club soda. When this doesn’t work, you could utilize baking soda and brush the stain until it will be removed.


Coffee has been proven to cause lasting carpet damage. Though you spill a minimum coffee stain, it could still result in too much carpet damage. Most likely, expert cleaning will be needed the most to eliminate coffee stains.

Nail Polish

You must stop doing your nails on your carpet since once you spill some nail polish on it, it would be almost impossible for you to eliminate this stain. For this to be removed, you need to contact experts.


Beer does not only leave a stain that’s difficult to eliminate, however, it could also leave behind an unpleasant smell. You could clean up the stain, however, the smell would still remain there. Beer stains definitely need a professional carpet cleaning Tulsa.


Anything that has color red would make a stain that would be difficult to eliminate. The first thing you must immediately do is to get a paper tissue and blot the stain. After that, you’ll have to utilize a natural and gentle carpet cleaner. Perhaps you won’t be able to totally remove the stains. But, you might remove most of the stain, which is why it would be best to contact an expert.

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